WB Moore

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Meet WB Moore, a distinguished commercial electrical contractor in the Carolinas, renowned for delivering customized, high-caliber electrical and low-voltage solutions. Their commitment to proficiency, dependability, and customer satisfaction has solidified them as the trusted brand in the Carolinas.

The Problem

Despite their stellar reputation, WB Moore recognized the need for a digital facelift. Their website, a critical touchpoint for clients & prospective employees, was showing signs of aging. The challenge was clear: update the website to align with best SEO practices, showcase updated services, and highlight new projects. Additionally, the SharePoint team site, a vital hub for internal communication, needed a revamp to enhance navigation and accessibility for all employees.

Prismo's Results

Enter Prismo Marketing, a strategic partner committed to transforming WB Moore's digital landscape. We revamped their website, creating a more cohesive and dynamic platform that not only aligned with the latest SEO practices but also showcased their extensive services and recent projects. The website transformation resulted in increased traffic and improved user engagement.

But our collaboration didn't stop there. Prismo expanded WB Moore's brand reach by assuming control of their social media accounts, curating and posting content that resonated with their audience. This initiative led to a significant uptick in followers, heightened engagement, increased interactions, and broader brand impressions.

In tandem, we addressed the internal communication needs by updating the SharePoint team site. The revamped site now boasts enhanced navigation, ensuring that all employees can easily access necessary documents, stay informed about news and events, fostering improved team collaboration.