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Skyven Technologies is a visionary company dedicated to the noble goal of decarbonizing profitably. Skyven Technologies is at the forefront of delivering clean industrial process heat, working alongside manufacturing facilities to significantly reduce onsite CO2 emissions while simultaneously driving cost savings. Their mission is clear: to foster a future where industrial plants are both resilient and sustainable, and where the global warming increase is limited to 1.5℃ by 2030. This vision aligns with their commitment to community and environmental stewardship.

The Problem

Skyven Technologies faced a pivotal challenge: their website and brand presentation were not effectively communicating their groundbreaking work and message. In collaboration with our partners, we identified the need for a comprehensive brand and website refresh to convey their mission in a more professional and impactful manner

Prismo's Results

At Prismo, we embraced the task of reimagining Skyven’s digital identity. Working closely with their branding team, we laid the groundwork for a new website design that encapsulates their mission and values. Our approach included the development of custom illustrations, specifically designed to clarify and enhance their messaging. Additionally, we assisted in the creation of documents tailored for distribution to potential clients and partners, ensuring consistency and professionalism across all communication platforms.