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SeedSpark stands as a testament to Prismo Marketing’s foundational journey, being our parent company and the bedrock of our operations. From its inception, SeedSpark has been a hub of innovation and growth, encompassing divisions like SparkNav, CodeFusion Solutions, and Prismo Marketing. While SeedSpark initially carved its niche in IT and managed services, it has evolved to become a dynamic force in business growth and collaboration. This evolution marks our commitment to expanding our horizons and fostering growth in various sectors.

The Problem

The challenge with SeedSpark wasn't rooted in a problem, but in an opportunity for continual growth and positioning. Our mission has been to consistently elevate SeedSpark as the go-to source for business growth and development. This entails an ongoing process of creating and updating social media posts, refining the website, and executing targeted email campaigns, among other initiatives.

Prismo's Results

At Prismo, we have left no stone unturned in shaping SeedSpark’s brand and outreach. Our contributions span the entire gamut of marketing and branding - from creating a cohesive brand identity and developing an engaging website to establishing a robust social media presence. Our efforts include content creation, HubSpot CRM integration for streamlined communications, crafting email campaigns, designing printed cutsheets, and producing physical swag. Our team even ventured into creating distinctive vehicle wraps. In essence, if it’s a marketing tool, we’ve implemented it for SeedSpark.