Parton Law

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Parton Law, PLLC stands as a beacon of guidance and support in the complex world of civil litigation. The firm specializes in navigating the tumultuous path of litigating business and financial issues, offering personalized solutions to the unique challenges their clients face. Parton Law’s legal expertise is rooted in a deep understanding of litigation, matched with a relentless commitment to achieving their clients’ goals. At Parton Law, they don’t just practice law; they forge pathways to success.

The Problem

Parton Law was grappling with an outdated brand identity. Their online presence, anchored by a generic drag and drop website, lacked the distinctive character and professional polish essential in the competitive legal landscape. Additionally, the absence of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was a significant hurdle in streamlining their client interactions and internal processes.

Prismo's Results

Our collaboration entailed a comprehensive redesign of their logo, aligning it with modern standards to more accurately reflect the firm's professional ethos. This rebranding effort extended to the creation of custom-branded business cards and a carefully curated social media presence, significantly enhancing Parton Law's market visibility. Beyond aesthetics, our team crafted a new, branded website for Parton Law, enriched with content that resonates with their clientele. Furthermore, we're actively integrating a HubSpot account to streamline Parton Law's operational processes, ensuring a more efficient and seamless experience for their clients and team.