Just Add a Zero

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Prismo Marketing had the opportunity to collaborate with an inspiring new venture in the business literature world: Just Add a Zero. This innovative business and growth book, authored by Chad T. Jenkins, CEO of SeedSpark, is designed to transform perspectives and catalyze business growth. Just Add a Zero brings a fresh approach to entrepreneurial success, and more about this groundbreaking book can be explored at their website.

The Problem

When Just Add a Zero approached us, the book was in need of a complete marketing package. This included a captivating cover, an engaging website, a dynamic social media presence, and an interactive assessment quiz accompanied by an email marketing campaign. These elements were crucial for the book’s launch and subsequent promotion of the SeedSpark Growth Academy.

Prismo's Results

At Prismo, we took on the challenge with zeal. Our creative team designed an eye-catching cover that resonates with the book’s innovative theme. Collaborating closely with the publisher, we ensured all design deliverables were in sync with the book’s vision. We constructed a user-friendly website, tailored social media posts, and campaign elements that effectively communicated the essence of Just Add a Zero. Additionally, we developed an engaging assessment quiz and crafted strategic emails to not only promote the book but also to drive sign-ups for the SeedSpark Growth Academy.